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The Holoholo podcast was created to start a conversation with women + men from Hawaii about how their experience growing up in paradise influences their creative endeavors today. Being from Hawaii ourselves, we know how special it is to call our little island paradise home and how sometimes your career/passion in life pushes you to move to the mainland to fully pursue your dreams.

We want to stay connected with these leaders who are making an impact on their communities away from the islands and see how their local perspective influences the work they do today.

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Recent Episodes

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Huliau - Part 1: Catch Up with host, Virgi

Aloha Krew! This AM we catch up with Holoholo host, Virgi.  We've been MIA for the last few months and we want to catch you up on what we've been up to.  Thanks for tuning in! More new episodes coming this year!



Mo'olelo: Writer & Managing Editor at Nella Media Group, Matt Dekneef

Aloha! Today, Virgi interview's Nella Media Group's managing editor, Mathew Dekneef.  Matt is a long time friend who's humor, writing skills, and down to earth personality is really refreshing.  Tune in as we holoholo through Matt's journey to become a writer, probably one day, an author....and maybe Mayor...jk...but maybe.


holoholo_MTF Memory_FINAL_v2.jpg
holoholo_MTF Memory_FINAL_v2.jpg

Olelo O Ke Aloha: Professional Actor, Keola Simpson

This episode is entitled "Olelo O Ke Aloha" (Expression of Love), Bianca interviews her good friend and actor, Keola Simpson.  Keola and Bianca dive into 'hot button' issues including the commercialization of Hawaiian culture and the changing landscape of being an actor/actress in Hawaii and in the mainland. Thanks for tuning in!

Insta: @kealiikeola             Web:  www.rskital.com