Create your own beach shell wall hanging


  • Drift wood sticks (easily found walking along the shoreline)
  • Paint brush
  • Interior & Exterior Acrylic Enamel Paint in Hot Pink
  • Embroidery thread
  • Hemp rope
  • Sea Shells (you will need to drill holes in your shells or find shells which have a naturally created space for you to thread your embroidery thread thru)


  1. Paint drift wood sticks and leave out to dry.  Get creative! You could polka dots, stripes, or paint the entire stick for a real bright POP on your wall.
  2. Create the hemp netting by cutting 10 12" pieces for the horizontal ropes and 7 16" pieces for the vertical ropes
  3. Lay out your hemp ropes on the floor to map out your netting design.  Then, using a horizontal rope piece, tie a knot around the first vertical rope in your net design and continue this, equally spacing out each vertical rope piece, until you have tied knots around each vertical rope and secured your first row of horizontal rope.
  4. Continue step 3 with each horizontal rope until you've created your hemp netting.
  5. Attach netting to your painted drift wood sticks using so that your netting hangs solidly between the two sticks
  6. Now it's time to decorate with your beach shells.  Lay your netting and stick hanging on the ground and attach shells to hemp rope using the embroidery thread.
  7. Finally, attach a piece of hemp rope to to the top of your wall hanging so that you can mount it!