Kaua'i is truly a hiker's paradise

I'm going to share something that may seem a little strange considering my proximity...but I've never been to Kaua'i. I know, I think it's crazy too. Luckily, my consciously coupled other half and I decided to do a little island hopping and set out to the Garden Isle for a weekend of non-stop hiking and beach scouting.

We made our way along the south coast to the end of the road and explored one of the most secluded and amazing beaches I've ever seen. Then we drove up to the Waimea Canyon to set our eyes on the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific."  If you haven't been up there before, it's worth the drive.  But I'd say the best part is driving a little further to the lookout over Kalalau Valley! NowTHAT was jaw dropping. If you're looking to get away, Kaua'i is your island.

The second day we tackled the Na Pali coast and made the 2 mile trek (4 miles total, in and out) to Hanakapi'ai Beach. It was a long hike (of course not as long as the Kalalau trail 11 miles!), but well worth it. We spent the day playing in the shore break and exploring cliffs. As a novice hiker, I wore my classic Converse thinking they would be enough, but they totally cut up my heels and I wish I had on some of  these or these.

Driving through the tiny town of Hanalei, to get to the Na Pali coast, was another reason to get out there.  I love these small towns in Hawaii.  Owned by locals, you get a real feeling of ALOHA when you walk through and meet the people that make this town so special.

Overall, the mountains, views, and beaches made this trip a much needed escape from my computer.